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Pain control / Pain elimination:

I have experienced the benefits of ‘true, quality’ acupuncture, being treated by Michele Pouliot, L.Ac. I have tried acupuncture over the years, with some sense of relief, but when I chose Michele, it really was an awakening. She listened, and she believed in me.  She could find things I did not even know were a part of the problem. 

Several years ago, I suffered a traumatic injury, and had residual pain from this injury. Coping with the pain and increasing function were my goals. Before scheduling my first appointment, I verified for myself the education and the license that Michele had earned.  Four years studying oriental medicine was a very difficult path, which I knew took time, dedication, and effort. Obviously, this was her focus, and she willingly invested her time for her belief in this medicine. 

I now have a life free of pain, and I believe there is relief from many chronic problems. It is rare that I occasionally get a ‘flare-up’, but when it does happen, it is short lived, and easy to control. 

Bebe , RN, Auburn, CA

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Arthritic foot pain:

        A physician gave me a diagnosis of severe arthritis in my feet, told me I might find some relief with medication, but could look forward to not being able to walk and be confined to a wheel chair. Not good news! I sought alternative therapy. I never have liked needles and the thought of acupuncture was scary. Michele assured me that it would not be too painful, and she was right. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. For many weeks I had treatments, and the symptoms are now completely gone. I have occasional treatments now for prevention, and also for stress relief. I can walk and hike with no problem and have no more pain in my feet. I actually feel relaxed at the conclusion of treatments. I heartily recommend Michele and acupuncture.

Cammy, retired teacher, Auburn, CA

                 Back and neck pain:

I suffered a serious fall in 1992, and it caused significant injury to the discs in my neck and lower spine. Until successfully treated by Michele, I suffered neck and back pain daily and was reliant on prescription medications to control the pain. I no longer suffer from debilitating neck and back pain, and a seventeen-year journey to be pain and medication free was made possible by Michele’s expert application of acupuncture. I would highly recommend Michele’s acupuncture treatment to regain your health.


         John, Auburn, Ca.

Numb, painful hands and arms:

I have been a patient of Michele Pouliot, L.Ac for several years. I initially saw her for pain and numbness in my arms and hands. This started suddenly one night; both hands started tingling, and then went numb. I tried ice, heat, stretching, and ibuprofen, but nothing helped. The pain was severe; I could not sleep, could not walk my dogs, sew, or use the computer keyboard. I am a quilter, but that was completely out of the question due to the pain and numbness.

I had never tried acupuncture before, did not know where to go, and chose her out of the phone book mainly because she was also a licensed massage therapist. Michele was able to set up an appointment the following day. 

At first, the thought of needles made me apprehensive, but being rid of the pain and numbness overrode my fears. Michele explained the whole procedure and made me relax. In fact, once on the table, that's all you can do is relax. Michele was forthright and told me that my problem couldn't be cured instantly and would probably take five to ten visits. After my fifth treatment, while driving home, I noticed the tingling in my left hand had completely disappeared. The right hand was noticeably better, but there was still some residual numbness. That, too, subsided by the tenth visit. It has been several years since I have had this problem and it has not returned. 

I now see Michele monthly to stay tuned up and keep my organs and immune system healthy. I actually look forward to my treatments and refer to them as “My Time.”

I enthusiastically refer Michele to friends and family, and have made believers of all!

Vicki….retired court reporter, Auburn, CA

                      Heartburn (GERD):

Chronic heartburn was a problem for me; so many years ago, my doctor put me on Protonix. It controlled my symptoms most of the time, but sometimes, even with the medication, I would still get an uncomfortable burning sensation. With a six week course of acupuncture treatment, I had no more heartburn, and during this time was able to gradually decrease and then completely stop the heartburn medication. I have been off the drug for a year now, and my digestive system is great…no problems! 

Janet, Auburn, CA

Migraine Headache:

For most of my adult life, I suffered with migraine headaches. They could last as long as two weeks at a time, affecting my entire being. I was on daily medications, but they did not seem to help. A co-worker referred me to Michele Pouliot, L.Ac. Initially, I was reluctant to call, as I am afraid of needles. Finally, out of desperation, I did make that phone call, and regret that I did not do so years ago! My fears of the needles were groundless; I do not experience any pain with my treatments. My migraines cleared up quickly, and I am weaning myself off my daily migraine medications. Because I am not in pain anymore, my mental outlook is great, and I feel happy for the first time in a long while! 

Mary, Auburn, CA

Gout / diabetic neuropathy:

The first time I saw Michele Pouliot for acupuncture, I was apprehensive and desperate.  Desperate because I had a vacation scheduled soon which would include a lot of walking, and I had developed a nasty case of gout! In addition, apprehension because I had never experienced acupuncture, did not know what to expect, and was a bit fearful. I had time for two treatments before my scheduled trip. Thankfully, I was able to send her a postcard from a very enjoyable, pain free vacation! 

The second series of treatments I later received was for foot peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes. My feet, and toes in particular, were numb most of the time. Although I did not achieve 100% relief of symptoms, Michele was able to reduce the numbness, prickling, and tingling feelings about 93%. I am back to hiking, taking walks, and bike rides. The treatments are so mild; I am usually able to take a very restful nap while receiving them. Give Michele and her style of acupuncture a try…all you have to lose is a little of your time or all or most of your pain and discomfort! 

Ray G, retired SF bay area firefighter, Auburn, CA

Food Allergies contributing to Migraine headaches:

I have had either a tension headache or a migraine headache almost daily for the past 20 years. I started seeing Michele Pouliot, L.Ac.,  a few years ago. Within a few months of treatment, my migraines improved significantly, but occasionally I would still get a bad one.

Michele suspected food allergies were contributing to my migraine headaches. She performed the NAET allergy testing on me and found several food items that tested positive. The main ones were calcium, sugars, MSG, and citrus. (I knew I had a dairy sensitivity, because when I ate milk or cheese products, I would have a digestive upset; abdominal cramping and diarrhea. Michele explained to me that dairy sensitivities were in actuality allergies to either calcium and / or the sugar, lactose, found in milk. She further stated, since calcium is a vital nutrient needed for multiple functions in our body, if a person is allergic to it, a multitude of symptoms can occur, including severe headaches)

I have completed most of the NAET allergy desensitization’s, and find that I almost never get headaches anymore. After my desensitization for calcium and sugars (lactose), I was amazed that I can consume dairy products with no problem whatsoever, which is great, because I LOVE pizza!

Paul, computer programmer, Rocklin, CA

Menopausal hot flashes:

I didn’t want to start ‘hormone replacement therapy’, after my menstrual cycles stopped, so I suffered with night sweats, hot flashes during the day, and trouble sleeping at night. 

I tried some over the counter remedies from the health food store, but they did not help. 

A friend referred me to Michele Pouliot, L.Ac. Weekly acupuncture treatments for about six weeks, as well as a Chinese herbal formula for menopause, got my hot flashes and insomnia under control. Amazing! Highly recommend it! 

Judy, Foresthill, CA

Painful menstrual cycle:

My menstrual periods were painful and heavy. I had bad PMS, was very emotional and felt fatigued most of the time. My doctor suggested birth control pills to try to regulate my cycle, but I did not want to do that.

I consulted with Michele. She was confident my cycle could be regulated naturally, with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She recommended weekly treatments, and explained that it generally took 2-3 months of consistent treatments to normalize a woman’s menstrual cycle.

I started treatment and found improvement with each period. I no longer have the weepy, irritable PMS, or bad cramps.  Now I am on a maintenance schedule of acupuncture treatment every 6 weeks, to help keep my cycle smooth.

Clair, Colfax, CA

Stopping hormone replacement drugs:

I had been on Premarin for over 10 years. With the risk warnings of hormone replacement drugs, I wished to get off them. Some of my friends tried to stop taking them ‘cold turkey’, with uncomfortable side effects, i.e. hot flashes returning with a vengeance.

I had been treated by Michele for unrelated conditions in the past, and asked her about this. She told me the best way is to gradually decrease the hormone meds, while getting weekly acupuncture treatments to control / eliminate the night sweats and hot flashes, and stimulate the body’s production of natural hormones. She gave me an herbal formula to take as I was weaning off the hormone drugs. 

The whole process worked pretty well, I did get some mild symptoms as my body was adjusting, but they are gone now. I feel so much better knowing I am off these controversial drugs.

Sharon, Auburn, CA

Post rotator cuff surgery pain:

I had a tear in my left rotator cuff shoulder muscle that was repaired with surgery. The surgery went well, but after the estimated recovery period, I still had shoulder pain and could not fully move my arm. After eight treatments with Michele, I was pain free and had full range of motion in my arm and shoulder.

Steven, Grass Valley, CA


I had severe sciatica in my right hip, radiating down my right leg to my knee. Michele treated me five times, showed me some specific stretches for recovery and prevention, and my pain cleared up, improving with each treatment. No more stabbing pains in the ‘you know what’!

Harold, Weimar, CA

Sinusitis / Hay fever:

Chronic nasal congestion has been an uncomfortable problem for me as long as I can remember…worse in late spring and early summer, when everything is blooming.  Acupuncture treatment for my sinuses dispels the congestion, and I can breathe again! 

Tom, Auburn CA

Nut allergy:

From the time I was 4 years old, I was allergic to all nuts. Business functions, potluck dinners, simply eating out at a new restaurant could result in an unexpected trip to the ER. Symptoms would include a rash, itching, swollen tongue and throat, and uncontrollable nausea after exposure to even a minute amount of nuts or nut oils. As I got older, the severity of the reactions kept getting worse. 

Using acupuncture and NAET, Michele has resolved ALL of my food allergies, as well as those of my son (age 7).  Michele is an expert in the application of NAET acupuncture techniques, to permanently resolve food and environmental allergies. 

I can now eat almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans without any reaction whatsoever. Michele also cleared my husband of his environmental allergies (pollen, weeds, trees, etc.). Our health insurance has consistently paid a portion of our treatments, but we would have HAPPILY paid out of pocket to be free from these uncomfortable, debilitating health issues. 

Janice, Foresthill, CA

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Postpartum fatigue:

What to do when you don't feel like “YOU”?

Blame it on lack of sleep, or hormones, I thought. 

Perhaps I need more exercise, or should I eat less of this, ...or more of that?

Whatever the reason.... it had been two years since my son was born, and I still didn't have the same energy level and stamina that I used to have. 

In addition, finally, after getting SIX colds in five months, I'd had enough.

On the advice of my chiropractor, I made an appointment with Michele Pouliot, a licensed acupuncturist, who has a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I had been to acupuncturists before for shoulder and knee pain, but never for balancing my physical and emotional systems!

Michele listened to my list of physical complaints, and asked many questions about my moods, my sleep patterns, and other things that most doctors never inquire about. She described several patterns of “depletion” that occur with childbearing, something that TCM acupuncturists have been treating for over a thousand years. We talked about the kidney and liver 'meridians', and how anger and a backache can actually be related in Chinese medicine.

My sessions with Michele are pleasant, have given me back my vitality and my pre-pregnancy confidence, and have awakened a new patience in me that makes motherhood more of a joy than before. If this sounds like something you are looking for, I would recommend Michele in a heartbeat.

Janice, Foresthill,  CA

Low back strain / sprain:

I injured my low back while attempting to lift a heavy bench seat out 
of my van. After the lightning bolt of pain in my spine made me drop the seat,  I could barely shuffle back into the house. Never had I experienced  such excruciating pain; it was incredibly painful just to stand, and  practically impossible to move. I had to hang onto my husband and  could hardly lift my feet to walk. I thought I would pass out just  having to climb two steps through my front door. I clung to a dust  mop for support as I shuffled around, and in order to get up from bed  or a chair. My arm muscles were getting very weak from the constant  reliance on "Mr. Mop".

Michele, (who just happens to be my sister), gave me the royal treatment: acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs. After one treatment, I felt  better.  After the second treatment the next day, and continuing with  the herbs, I was able to sleep for several hours. I awoke feeling  rejuvenated and I was actually able to get up and walk without "my  boyfriend" the dust mop! I just could not believe the improvement.  

Michele's combination of training in acupuncture, massage, and Chinese  herbal medicine targeted the pain from many angles and resulted in a  speedy recovery. She really gets results, and can help with  stretching and strength training exercises to avoid future injury as  well. (Who knew a sister could be so smart?)

Lisa, artist and mom, San Jose, CA